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Pack Zeodb Example

Page history last edited by Elizabeth Leddy 10 years, 1 month ago


echo "starting to pack zeodbs..."

# here we have your basic pack - will default pack Data.fs (aka storage 1)
# -d means pack everything that is more than 5 days old
zpython /opt/Zope-2.9/bin/zeopack.py -p 8100 -h localhost -d 5


# here is an example of packing a zeodb instance with more client storages
zpython /opt/Zope-2.9/bin/zeopack.py -p 8103 -h localhost -d 5 -S 1
zpython /opt/Zope-2.9/bin/zeopack.py -p 8103 -h localhost -d 5 -S 2
zpython /opt/Zope-2.9/bin/zeopack.py -p 8103 -h localhost -d 5 -S 234


# you can even pack remote instances - neato!
zpython /opt/Zope-2.9/bin/zeopack.py -p 8106 -h 10.0.x.x -d 5 -S 14

echo "done!"

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